Monday, June 12, 2006

Not so joyful, but that's OK

Yes, we have our not so joyful times too. I haven't written about it much, but felt like sharing a bit today.

Stressful times....

Trying to satisfy everyones needs is sometimes a challenge. On Friday night we went to Cars and it was gonna be this whole family thing, Kyra especially likes to do things with the whole family. Well, Abbi really would have liked to go to Da Vinci Code but decided it was OK if we went to that later. And Alec really wanted to play his new Half Life 2 game but also decided that going for Kyra's happiness was OK. We talked about little bits of giving for other people and how much it meant to her and he agreed.

OK, so we get back from the movie and Alec tries to play his game.....grrrrrrrr.....but we can't get it going,,dang game is so demanding that we can't figure it out. It goes a bit then freezes up. We try and try but after a while my eyes are crossing and I have to go to bed, Alec keeps trying and still fails. :( So, he has to wait.

In the morning I get up and start cleaning out old video drivers, loading new drivers, loading all sorts of stuff,,, and still no game! Then finally I find an upgrade I hadn't thought of checking and I get it working,,,, (I think)

I excitedly go get Alec up,, its pretty late,,:D and he tries the game and, and,,,,it freezes up AGAIN! ugh
We were both getting pretty depressed and finally he decided to set all the display and sound settings lower and voila................. IT WORKED!

Good job Alec.

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