Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy, but not..

We have 3 extra boys staying/playing at our house right now. My 2 nephews and a friend of Alec's have come to stay for a few days. Its so much fun having them here. Everyone is excited and bubbly to have the extra personalities around. :)

For me its extra busy sometimes,,short spurts, but then it will be followed by long periods of quiet. Whoa,,,

Then I kind of sit back and wonder, "what should I do now?"

Some sounds I hear: "YEAH, YEAH!" from Alec's room (x-box central), "maybe she wants to wear this" coming from Kyra's room (Bratz central) and "click, click, clickety click (Abbi on the computer).

So i can sit back a bit and breathe in the fresh summer air. I love our porch, screened in so i can be outside, yet not be attacked by the squiters. I feel such a calm from the trees around. Love it. :D

I included a pic I took of the table in front of me as I sit in the porch. It shows a lot of my favorite things. :)

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