Sunday, June 25, 2006


We just love henna. :) (Above, Kyra is looking at all the patterns for ideas.

We've been doing henna tatoos for the last year or so. Ever since Diana introduced it into our lives. thank you Diana!

Today we're attempting to apply some stencils that I got in a henna kit. Beth gave me a gift certificate to the local co-op and I got this cool kit with it.

We're having some difficulties though. Can't quite get the prints to come off on us. Tried oils and fingernail polish in the attempts but still no luck. I'm thinking we might need to get some tracing paper or something.

The henna stuff has been so cool for us. Just as were doing our first ones with Diana, last year, we also had watched the movie Kingdom of Heaven. And right in that movie the princess' maids were doing henna tatoos! So its been very cool to read about the history of henna and all the customs that include henna. We never knew that henna was an important part to so many different cultures.

I'd love to be able to do some of the more intricate work that we've seen in books and on people. For now we'll just stick to the simpler patterns and freehanding it. We are getting better all the time though,, learning to use our pinkies to steady our hand. ;)

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