Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We have our babies! The babies we have every year. :)

OK,,, so they're caterpillars but they ARE babies.

Every year we go out and hunt for milkweed plants to bring home some Monarch caterpillars. We all love them and sometimes we get a bit obsessive with them. :) One year we had to bring them over to a friend of ours to babysit them while we were gone. ;) We've raised them, several times, from egg. :)

This year we cut a plant off and got 3 pretty good sized ones (about an inch long) and then one tag along I didn't see til we got home (about 1/8 inch) lol

Every morning we go and find some fresh leaves for them and then also squirt a bit of water on them to imitate the morning dew. (I don't quite get out there that early,, the dew it dry.)

The picture above isn't very clear,, sorry, couldn't get the camera to take a very clear one that close. On the left there are actually 2,, looking right at each other, you can't really see the one under. Then on the right is the little one and another big one. It was funny, this morning I went to take out the old leaves to replace them and 3 of them were all on 1 leaf. :) Awwww,,,, togetherness.


KAS said...

Ya know what? Those are great for bait! Fish love 'em!

kelli said...

Awwww,,, I won't tell Kyra that!

KAS said...

That's a good idea. ;)