Tuesday, July 04, 2006

dum dum suckers and spelling

yeah you can learn spelling with dum dums. We had been to the 4th of July parade and Kyra was eating a dum dum sucker that she had gotten. She comments "I have to save this for Hayden, he's saving them for a backpack". Hmm,, I had forgotten that you could do it. She asked me to find the website and we look it all up: http://dumdumpops.com/

You can save the wrappers and send them in for different things. Also on the website are printable activities and other things to do online. Kyra printed out a bunch of the puzzles and coloring pages. She did a word find that included all the flavors of the suckers and then after she found all the words, she stands up and spells out all the words. Kind of like spelling bee style, she was really proud. But the spelling didn't stop there, then Alec starts spelling different words.

"Give me a word,, any word" he repeated over and over to us. lol So we start to ask him words to spell. He's a pretty good speller, really good memory.

I just thought it was pretty fun that it all started from a dumdum wrapper. :)

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