Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time and passions

Wow, a week since I last blogged. O.O Time really speeds by, I think my life must be good. :)

We've been doing a variety of things the last week. Swimming being one of them. I picked up a new pool a couple of weeks ago and that's been a big learning lesson for me. Wow! Talk about a learning curve. ugh,,,There's a bit of maintenance to figure out when one gets a big pool that you can't dump out! Doh,,,

So, we've been looking up ph stuff,, chlorine levels, algae stuff and learning that well water isn't the prettiest when you add chlorine :P~~~~~ OK, so it looks like pee water right now but its clean. :D We did figure out that if we put in a bit of clarifier the iron and minerals look as if they've gone away! Yay,,, well it looks like it anyway. *g* Gotta love chemical reactions.

Alec continues to be fascinated with Yu-Gi-Oh and figuring out ways to get more cards. He and his dad are having an awesome time dueling,, soooo complex to me. I'm so glad I have a husband who balances me so well. He loves and understands all the strategy games; I'll play them but it is really hard for me to *get* them.

We also seem to balance each other out quite well when it comes to calmness and peacefulness. About the time I start grumpin' about buying more cards for them, Tim reminds me that it is his passion right now, and it really isn't that much money. I examine my feelings.

What if his passion was the cello still? How much would lessons be each week,, what about needing a new, bigger instrument? Adding those up would put things in perspective. Its funny how if its what you think is worthy, the money isn't a question. If its not,,,, well,, that must be why I started stressing out.

Reminder to me: I'm NOT going to dismiss his important interest in this card game. I am going to see it as VALUABLE and just as AMAZING of an interest as playing an instrument.

Sure I can spend $2.00 on another booster pack. :)

An on again off again interest for Abbi, well I suppose practically her whole life, has been horses. Just the last month or so she's been talking more and more about them. I think it became more evident to her when she saw some in the 4th of July parade. She came home from that wanting a pony really, really bad. :) Ponies,,,,hmmm,, we looked them up on the internet. They sometimes can be mean, from the inbreeding, and you aren't going to be able to ride them as you grow into adulthood. Maybe a quarter horse would be better?

We can't have a horse at our house right now but we could board one. Yet,, they really are very expensive and a very big commitment. I really don't feel like I have it in me to take care of another pet,,let alone a horse. So we talked about it and thought that riding lessons might be a good idea. She could maybe go and help take care of a horse, see all it entails,, learn all about them---during all that we could think about purchasing one.

This morning I finally got a call back from a lady I know who does riding lessons. She said Abbi could start next Monday.

Abbi is psyched!


Ren said...

I just swiped your quote about spending money on their passions!! That's exactly what I wrote about for "Connections" this month. Cool.

Can't wait to see you guys in September!!!:)

kelli said...


Madeline said...

My son Jesse is yu gi oh obsessed and I don't get it either. I have a willing husband who plays with him as well. Thank God! And I take him to tournaments sometimes. We have a LOT of cards. I just asked Jesse if he was intersted in selling Alex a bunch of them cheaply and he said the valuable ones would be $5. : / How about trading? He is interested in starting a dragon deck and he has a water deck and has Exodia... Maybe this is too complicated long distance. I'm glad to know about your blog! I have one too
Take care.

Madeline said...

oops, sorry about calling Alec "Alex".