Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quiet Time

Yep, I have quiet time.

Don't always know what to do with it though. *g*

Kyra is in Moorhead for a few days with Tim. She loves being able to see her friends and cousins over there. Tim's work brings them there so it works out well. She packs up all her Bratz and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and she's off.

We've had some busy weeks, lots of driving here and there.

My dad had back surgery so we went to Moorhead one weekend. (He's fine :) and feeling much better than he was. And then last weekend we had a wedding. My niece Natalie got married! It was a beautiful wedding. An outdoor garden venue, which was just heavenly. The girls had a blast dancing at the reception/dance, while Alec was happy to get down to the cities to also visit some card shops. Always thinking about those Yu-Gi-Oh cards ya know!

I've been doing some reading, crocheting, henna tattooing and learning Yu-Gi-Oh too, phew, its really complex. But I did duel now,, wahoo.

We are getting ready for our trip to Albuquerque and the Live and Learn Conference -- So Excited! And Diana will be coming up here this next Monday so its getting close. She'll be caravaning with us down there. Following the conference, we'll be taking in the Grand Canyon with the Lovejoys -- adventure is a comin'.

I'll blog more later when I get my other computer back. The one computer that I can download pictures from is in Fargo getting worked on by the Geek Squad. Our video card choked so we HAD to get that fixed,,,MUST--HAVE--GOOD--GRAPHICS. *g* We're such a gamin family. :D

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