Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our Inspiration

Tim's happier. He's still doing the same job, but is finding joy in other things. I truly believe that this is a gift that our children have brought to us.

Alec has really brought Tim a lot of joy lately, especially over Yu-Gi-Oh. Big time bonding over that interest right now. :D

One night they were dueling each other and I guess Tim was looking particularly serious so Alec said, "smile, Dad". lol We all had to laugh. Competition can be an issue sometimes. One might feel it and the other will say,, "can we just have fun?" And vice versa, it comes and goes. But its been a good ride, the Yu-Gi-Oh experience.

Alec will read and read at the computer about different cards, strategies,decks.. all sorts of things. Most recently he's been learning all about e-bay and bidding. They've been building different decks, which have different strategies, (different attributes) so they've been looking for particular cards to complete these decks. Its been great finding the cards at E-bay, some have only been like $3.00 and no shipping. :D He's figured out how to bid at the right time, I've offered to set the timer on the stove so we remember when to check but he hasn't needed it.

Its such a switcheroo,, this unschooling thing. :)

A LOT of people would think that you need to guide your children to what they need to learn/do. What a paradigm shift. That you can actually follow what your child likes/wants. I'm not saying that we don't offer things too, making suggestions; a partnership. But the world that our children has brought to us is startling. So inspiring.

My deep down inspiration right now is -- Alec, Abbi and Kyra. :D

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