Wednesday, November 15, 2006

life is messy

I really like Scott Noelle. :) I've been getting his daily inspirational e-mail lately and I'm really enjoying them. I got one today that was so in sync with my life right now. I do better with this than I used ;) but its still so good to keep in mind.

Scott Noelle:

:: Life Is Messy... Get Over It! ::

In man's quest to conquer nature, our culture has
developed an unhealthy aversion to the natural
messiness of life.

Heaven forbid you should eat an apple that isn't
and round and free of bug bites. Those get made
applesauce so we never have to see their

And if our high-tech, Star Trek fantasies were
we could avoid the messiness of birth and simply
"beam" babies out of the womb -- without a drop
blood in sight.

Even if you're a "crunchy" parent who's not
of nature's messiness, there may be other kinds
messes you abhor, like the messy ways children
explore, and process emotions. Or the messy way
grow through parenthood.

Today, whenever you feel bothered about anything,
yourself, "What 'messiness' am I resisting?" Are
not allowing your *own* process to be messy?

Well, get over it! Life IS messy. :-)

Let life's messes remind you how good it is to be

Have a great messy day :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I like Scott's stuff too.

Anonymous said...

We have uno on our table right now also. My kids have rediscovered it the other day and have been playing non-stop.

I enjoy his e-mails also. :-)

Anonymous said...

I started getting "The Daily Groove" recently and I love it too. I sent "Life is Messy" to a bunch of my friends. It IS an especially good one! Enjoy your *messy* day!

Heather said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I love the "Life is Messy" message... I just read it on the Freebirds blog and sent it off to a bunch of my friends. I just signed up for the "Daily Groove" too. I see you are from Bemidji! I grew up in Park Rapids....