Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And it goes around

I've had some really nice couple of days. :) Not that most of my days aren't nice, but I've been able to enjoy some daytime hours with Alec and Abbi. In a past blog, I wrote about how they had been staying up through the night and then I would spend a few hours with them here and there. Well, they decided this week that they wanted to be up during the day.

They struggled a bit, the first couple of days were hard. Their bodies were tired and not used to it, but now on about the 3rd day, they're on a daytime schedule. We've been hanging together, talking, playing, reading, cooking, shopping, and laughing a lot. :)

Its so amazing seeing what these 2 kids are becoming. Alec, being 13 soon 14, is starting to look and sound like a man and Abbi , 12, continues to amaze me with her wisdom beyond years. I am so enjoying them.. its very cool.

I ache so bad in my heart when I hear people cutting down teens. People often say,, "just wait, it'll happen," and we look at them in disbelief. They're saying that my kids are going to revolt, become a "problem" or something. One lady even said it right to Alec! "Just wait...." and Alec turns to me with the questioning look. He asked me later, "what was she talking about, what am I going to get?" It was like a disease or something. I explained it to him that a lot of people think teens almost always have to have issues,, or struggles or have to rebel. He kind of laughed and said,,"what would I rebel against?"

I wish people saw that it really doesn't have to be like that. You can have an open healthy relationship with your teens. And it is so amazing.


Ren said...

I agree with Kelly Lovejoy about gentle parenting....it takes more effort when they're little but by the time they're teens, you've got it made!!:)

That's been true around here.
I'm still waiting for Trevor to grow horns and start "rebelling". Since he'll be 17 in a month, I don't suppose anything drastic is going to happen anytime soon.:)

We have two enjoyable teens here, under our roof. It's all what you make it.

Anonymous said...

It seems too good to be true but I know it has to be true!! I've heard a lot of other people talk about this. Holden (5) says he likes me and wants to live with me forever. lol. So cool. Not that I really think he won't move out one day. But I won't be begging for him to leave either.

Thanks for the info about the wii console. It may be a bit pricey for us now. But I know we'd get a lot of use out of it, once the kids get used to it. I want something I will enjoy as well. I'm not too handy with the older consoles.

~Heather :~)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! Thanks for the wii info! I'm sure we'll hace fun playing it as a family...more so than the really one we have now. :~)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the internet! I have two comments cuz the 1st one said there was an error so I wrote the second one later...hehehe. :~)

~Heather in Iowa

Anonymous said...

I agree Kelli. My Zach will be 16 in April. He used to fear becoming a teenager because he'd heard about the mysterious transformation from happy, go-lucky kidhood to angst-ridden, rebellious and angry teenager. He thought it was a forgone conclusion and unavoidable for all teens no matter what their parents were like. Thank goodness I figured things out before he reached teenhood. It's been smoothe sailing so far and I can't imagine not having a perfectly lovely, respectful and joyous relationship from here on out (except I am a little fearful of what will happen when he has a spouse - 8-/)