Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Feet, not happy?

Last week we went to the movie Happy Feet and I was going to write a blog about it. I really liked it and everyone in our family really liked it. It had so many good things about it. I ran into a lady I knew after it and she asked me how it was and what came to my mind was--profound.

Maybe that's why this columnist from the USA Today didn't like it? Hmmmm..

I guess I didn't realize that talking about things with our children is propaganda. That being aware of our planet is propaganda. That being accepting of individuals differences and respectful to those things is a horrid thing?



Anonymous said...

My sister took her son a few weeks ago. She said she didn't think it was as good as she had expected. But she didn't elaborate. She just didn't recommend it. Thanks for blogging about it. I didn't know what it was about and now I do. Is it as frightening as the USA article makes it out to be?

Mel said...

Hey Kelli --

I linked over from Diana's blog. :)

Michael Medved (who wrote that article) is also a conservative radio talk show host, so consider the source. My kids want to see that movie, so it was good to hear that you guys liked it.

kelli said...

**Is it as frightening as the USA article makes it out to be?**

I asked my daughter if she thought it was scary and she looked at me like I was nuts. I got the same response from another child. They aren't 4 yrs old, but honestly, the only frightening part we saw was when a big seal was chasing Happy.

Now, sad sometimes, yes. The parents don't want to accept their son as OK in being different. Sad also that it touches on modern society encroaching on the natural environment. And then as far as the commentary in USA Today,, I thought it was very sad that the man thought it was too much to share it with children.

I find it humorous that these are often the people who wonder how homeschoolers/unschoolers are gonna make it in the real world. We are seeing and talking about the real world every day. (In my house anyway, *g*) I'm not sure what world Mr. Medved is living in...obviously he doesn't see the world as I do. I don't see talking about what is happening in the world as "propaganda".

The movie seemed like real life to me. It can sometimes be sad, it can sometimes be happy, and joyful and wonderful. Those parts all make up our world and I see Mr. Medved as trying to shut those things out. I think we all can see that closing the door on things doesn't make it all go away.

kelli said...

***Michael Medved (who wrote that article) is also a conservative radio talk show host, so consider the source.***

Yeah, I saw that,, but I just could not keep my mouth shut about it. ;)

And you know what's on my desktop backgroud right now?

A big ol' picture of Happy Feet. :-D It has been since we got back from the movie.

Anonymous said...

My boys (5 and 2) and I watched LOTR last week and we watch stuff like Scooby Doo and Star Wars. I always make sure they don't seem afraid or scared and understand it is just a movie. They like penguins (and all things nature) so I'm sure Happy Feet will be interesting to them. I think it's important to talk about nature and other issues without scaring them. I just give the facts if they ask. Thanks for revealing the "source" of the USA article.

Heather said...

I forgot I usually check kids_in_mind to see what movies are about. I thought the info they had there was helpful too. It gives away a lot of info, but I still find it a helpful resource to decide if something is worth seeing.

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