Monday, November 20, 2006

Flexing my Wii muscle

So my arms are aching me. Not from working out or lifting weights, but from playing our new Nintendo Wii. We are having sooo much FUN! Hehe.

The sports games that come with the system are a blast. Up to 4 people can play at once so yesterday afternoon, Tim and the kids were all playing doubles tennis! Its amazing! You hold the wireless controller just like a tennis racket and you control the little person on the screen. The ball comes near you and you swing the controller and hit at it just like you were playing real tennis. It even has you program it so it knows if you're using your right or left hand. Its so dang real its scary and its awesome! You should see my amazing back hand! :-D

The other games look fun too but I haven't tried those yet--bowling, baseball, boxing and golf.

We've been talking about how we HAVE to stretch our arm muscles before we play,, pretty funny. Or not,, as my arm aches right now. *g* Its a good ache though.

Another game Alec tried out but didn't really like on the bigger screen anyway, was Call of Duty. He thought he might like the shooter aspect of it,, aiming like a real gun, but it seemed way sensitive. He didn't have fun, but thought it might go better on a smaller TV.

The biggest reason we got the Wii though, is for what Alec is doing right now,, drum roll.... The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! :) So exciting to see Link again *g*. And he's all grown up! He's having a good time with it so far and its so good to hear all the Zelda music again.

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Anonymous said...

I am so envious. I want the Wii. Soon. 2 weeks until it is released in Europe. And hopefully the one we've reserved will be there waiting and wagging its tail.