Monday, November 20, 2006

Dianacised this morning ;)

My horoscope this morning:

Your sensitivity to people's feelings can be
overwhelming. You must find a way to maintain
awareness without letting your own judgment be
suspended. Endeavor to stay centered and

I'm not sure how much I believe them, but from my friend's
reading of hers I thought I'd subscribe. :)

Pretty funny with some things that have been going on in my life.

I've had some local unschoolers questioning my calls on my
Minnesota list. So of course I also question what I am saying.
I go back and forth (in my head) on the things that
I believe, but it comes back to this--> this life is really
working for us. We are so happy and it works for others
too, (maybe just not so many in MN *g*).

I'm just trying to share it with others.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just know what you know and have to trust it. I've cut back on some of my dealings with local people who just don't get it yet. But one day they will. I get sick of feeling like I need to defend my beliefs and am too busy to worry about everyone who hasn't had the lightbulb go off. lol.

That's why I choose to mostly associate or open up to those who get it for now. The rest of the people I stick to the basics: the weather

~Heather :~)

P.S. Is the wii fun for 5 year olds? We are not sure he is ready for gaming yet. He doesn't get the 1980s nintendo we have. But maybe it's too outdated. (ya think?) lol.

kelli said...

Hmm..yeah, 5 yrs old might be border line, as far as frustration and how he feels about that type of thing. Yet if he was wanting some sort of game system I would probably still get him one. :) I've never not gotten something for my kids, thinking it might be too frustrating. I don't know why. I guess if the kids got frustrated with it we'd work with them and help them with it. Sometimes they wanted to complete it, sometimes they wanted to put it away for a while and try again another time.
And I think you can actually play gamecube games on it too, and download really old games on it from the internet. So some of those might be easier too.

We did pick up a SpongeBob game too, but I'm not sure how that is yet.

Does he like games on the computer? I think my kids first started on the computer. Although that's all we had at first too.

Anonymous said...

There are few people IRL life around here who "get it", so I read blogs like yours everyday to help keep any doubts at bay. Even though it's obvious to me that no one else could know what's "best" for my family better than my family, I think the isolation of the path we've chosen can breed self-doubt. You are not alone. :) Thanks for sharing!

Ahna Bishop-Jara said...

I read and re-read the posts on the (your) unschooling list and I still don't really understand what the hubbalaloo was all about. I thought that your responded to the questions in unschooling fashion... there was nothing new here and you were simply trying to respond and explain your point of view. I really don't know what was so offensive in this. So, I just wanted you to know this and I'm sure that there were plenty of us on the list that felt the same way. This must have been painful for you, it would have been for me if I was moderator, and it is VERY unfortunate that this seems to happen so often on unschooling lists!!!
Well, thanks for the list!

kelli said...

Thanks for the words Ahna,

yeah, I'm not sure where it all came from, you're right, its not like I hadn't said those things before. :)

I know I've heard people say on other lists and I do think its true, "if something is said and it strikes a chord in you, maybe you should examine that within you." I didn't even get to that on our list. Hopefully those people realize that.