Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frenzy of Flowers

Kyra and I had a wonderful afternoon today. We were home while Tim, Alec and Abbi drove to Winnipeg. They have the Nightwish concert tonight!

So while they were driving, we were exploring and playing outside. Look what we found!

Finally! Color in our world! As I stepped into the woods to untangle the dog's leash I saw these!

I was freakin' out to Kyra, "look Kyra! Look! Come here!" She comes over and looks and informs me it's the same flowers she and Diana saw last year. In fact Kyra took a picture of them and they were on the header for our Etsy shop. :)

Where have I been? Jeesh. Oh well. I still love them. I just love the color.

And I'm going to post a bunch of these!
So look out!

The first ones we found were in the front woods. The rest were in the back. We went to investigate our fairy's area, from last year and we think we came across flower fairy activity.

This is obviously a flower fairy's path. See the trail of flowers?

Right up to their home.

Here's my flower fairy.


mesmith said...

Yeah Nightwish... a fine band from that OTHER scandanavian country. Thast must be a bit of a drive to the Peg? They're here when we are in Portland. Guess I can cut my hair now.

Happy Birthday Kyra!!!

~Abbiღ said...

Cute pictures. We had a good time at the Nightwish concert.


dharmamama said...

Wow! Reminds me of that Blake poem... To see the world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower...

I could stare at those for quite a long time! It's like a whole world in that flower! So cool.

Wendy said...

So beautiful!! Don't ya just loooovvveee purple????

Laura said...

Oh! What a beautiful surprise -- the new color!

I get a leetle pain in my heart remembering when Owen was little and we would walk through the woods and see evidence of elves and fairies. My baby is 14 now. He's been so sweet and happy today, Brawling with his brother, posting their first youtube vid. Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!