Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't mush the mushrooms!

Kyra got upset at Tim this afternoon when he was going to get rid of some mushrooms in our yard. She said, "They're fairy houses, so they don't get wet in the rain!"

I asked her if she wanted to build a fairy village?

And so it began...

We scouted out locations.

We liked this area in our back woods. See the moss covered log? hmmmm....

There it is

We looked for natural materials.

Can you tell we're diggin all the fungi right now?

Kyra decided that the white top would make an awesome pillow for a bed.

Here's the view our fairy will have from its bed.

I know I would love to sleep out here.

Can you tell I had fun taking pics today?

I love the color of the hydrangea in the fall. The leaves turn yellow and redish orange and the blooms turn a pretty lilac color.

We are going to do more building tomorrow.

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Ren said...

We haven't built a fairy house for a long time. Thanks for a lovely reminder. Misses you!!