Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tennessee and Rivers that run through it

We hung in TN for a few days before the Conference.

Skippin rocks


Yes, Alec is always so contemplative ;)

Tim caught me

The Kreams & Co and Ciara joined us too!


Ren said...

Ciara loved this spot on the Nolichucky SO much! We tried to find it again but it was a wild goose chase. How do I get there???

kelli said...

Aww, man, let me see..eek! How do I describe it??

Into Erwin, take a right, pass a Baptist church, drive a couple of blocks, take another right, go by another Baptist church, now you should be going south and drive by the Free Will Baptist church and you'll come to... like a state park area??


OK, I'll ask Tim when he gets home and I'll e-mail you....ugh I suck at directions..

Madeline said...

LOL! So TN so has as many Baptist churches as GA?