Monday, September 24, 2007

It's the day!

I have a VERY happy son!

Why? Halo 3 came out today! Yes it's 12:39 a.m. on September 25.

How long has he waited for this? "A couple years" he says. I remember all the speculation about this game through those years.

Before unschooling came into our lives I would never have dreamed of driving somewhere at midnight for a, yes, video game. How life has changed, for the better. It's amazing.

It's affected us all in big radical ways.


Rue said...

Yay! Hope you have lots of fun, Alec!

Caren said...

Yep, my guy's been at it strong since lunchtime on Tuesday - we actually bought the Mt. Dew "game fuel", too! I don't know blog-iquette (sorry), but Pam G. has a beautiful post about Halo 3 - and joy! Hope it's OK to share it here:

peace ~

Ren said...

We didn't get our copy until we got back from FLT, but the boy is happily playing most of the day and night (Jared is the Halo fan).

Jalen has been "helping" him.:) Very sweet.

Yay Halo!!