Friday, September 28, 2007

I love going to our State Park in the fall. OK, I love going there any time I can, but really love going there in the fall. Yeah, going anywhere outside in the fall is exciting for me *g* We used to always make it up to the North Shore (north of Duluth) area.. just breathtaking. We haven't now for a few years. Now this year we'll be up there next week. With Sandra and Holly to boot! We may have missed the colors, a bit late for up north, but still fun to visit.

We're heading down to Minneapolis today. Tim and the kids are going to do a fun raiser walk for mental illness awareness on Saturday. I'll be attending the MN Homeschooler's Alliance conference. Sandra is going to be speaking there, as the key note speaker! Yay! Unschoolers unite! :)

We'll also be going to the MN Renaissance Festival and possibly a museum or to come, for sure! ;)

But first, last nights photos from the State Park!

And we're off!

Yeah, we're tree huggers

Check out the light and colors in this one!

I love this trail, we have a canopy of trees over and around us. It just envelops us :)

Our view to the side, mostly yellows and light greens right now, some reds, but they seem to go first.

The climbers scouting out sites

Do you see them?

And what were the others doing?

And this??

Enjoying the sunset

And it was gone...

Kyra didn't want to leave,


Rachel said...

That looks like an amazing day. And it inspires me to get out and do something in nature in this almost autumn weather too.

Beverly said...

If we don't have a windy day, I'd be hopeful that the leaves will still be pretty next week. Good luck!

Madeline said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love fall too. It is barely starting here and there won't be dramatic color changes like what I grew up with in New England. That is a beautiful park.

mindy said...

Hey Kelli!
I love your blog...can I link it up to my newbie page?
Stunning pictures! Have a great visit with Sandra and Holly.

Snavleys said...

Fall is beautiful!! Still one area where I need to learn to be in the present because I tend to think about the dread of winter:)