Saturday, March 01, 2008

To Joy

Kyra is now sick. It's been an all out flu for her since Wednesday. So this is for her~

Some joyful time in CA (first installment ;)

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Deanne said...

Aw, poor Kyra! Please let her know we're wishing for her speedy recovery.

Tina H. said...

I hope that Kyra is feeling better.
Looks like the trip was a blast. If you've read about us Hatfields, you'll know we love us some Disney.

Madeline said...

stomach flue. That's the worst. Hope she is finished with it now. What beautiful, happy kid pictures.

Sarah said...

Hope she is recovering from the yucky flu. We have our share here for two weeks!

Disneyland is our favorite spot on earth. We have been going there every other year. Last year, our oldest celebrated her 11th birthday there. We look forward to a load of fun visiting again next year. Beautiful family.