Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remembering CA

Even though our trip to CA is racing its way into history...helped along by a couple weeks of sickness and a birthday. I still want to share with everyone about the fun and the "being home" feeling we had while there.

What fun that comes to mind quickly: Disneyland, Universal Studios, climbing trees beside the Midway, swimming in an outdoor pool (not me, Kyra and Jayn), running around Legoland fully saturated from hours of rain, watching my daughter stare at the costumes from the movie Sweeney Todd, (yes, Johnny Depp did wear those clothes..this is what Abbi kept muttering to herself), seeing my gleeful husband rushing from ride to ride at Universal Studios, watching Alec's face as we walked around the little world in Legoland, breathing the sea air off the Santa Monica pier, watching Kyra and Jayn research their way around the Getty Museum in Malibu and the conversations we had in the time that we sat in traffic while in the LA area.

The "being home" feeling we had while there is thanks to 2 unschooling families. We were lucky enough to spend time with the Coburns and the Maiers. So, even though we were a couple of thousand miles away from home, I kept feeling washed over by a coming home feeling as we spent time with these beautiful families.

More to come later!

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Ronnie said...

Awww, thanks. But *we* were the lucky ones! Thanks for sharing a great couple of days with us.