Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patty's Day to ya

This weekend we were in Fargo-Moorhead. Saturday we hung out at the Hjemkomst Center for the Celtic Festival. My mother is of Irish descent so we felt at home amidst the wool, green, bag pipes and fiddles that were playing.

Right now I have the Chieftains playing, kind of quietly since 3 out of 6 kids are still sleeping. Yes, we have 3 visitors from Moorhead. 2 cousins and 1 friend are here. We love it when they come to visit.

So Kyra, Matt and Kylie are playing Chrystal Chronicles, I'm done with my level ;) Alec, Abbi and Ben are sleeping, Tim went off to work and I'm now thawing out a pork loin to throw in with some potatoes and carrots for dinner. Not quite corn beef and cabbage but something more in sync with what we all like.

At the Celtic Festival I had some corn beef and cabbage soup and it so reminded me of my Grandma Dee. I was lucky enough to grow up with my grandma living in our basement. She would cook cabbage in the basement and the smell would waft up through the vent. I didn't like the smell at the time but on Saturday when I sipped my soup I had fond wonderful memories of her.

Here's to you Grandma Dee and Grandpa Ray of the Mahars, a little kickin' and jiggin'


Madeline said...

Visiting your spirited blog was the most Irish I felt all day. Well, I am eating corned beef, potatoes and cabbage while I visit here. So much good music, and dancing, and you with the leprechaun, and green. Love it.

Ronnie said...

Happy wearin' o' the green, to ye!

You have received a blog award. Pick it up at the ZP!

kelli said...

Thank you for the sweet comment Madeline, I sit and smile while I read your blog :)

Except I felt for you the last week.. :(

Ronnie, right back atchya sistah!