Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring's a comin'

I awoke in the middle of the night to water dripping off of our roof. That's a good thing. Last night was the first night for I'm guessing possibly 5 months, that it actually stayed above freezing. Spring is somewhere around that corner.

We know not to get too excited. The same reason people say that you should wait to plant outside until after Memorial day. I still plant before that because I just can't wait, but I know that there's a chance that there could be a hard freeze. Envision me running around my yard covering my plants with sheets. We do have some daffodails in our house, we just didn't grow them here.

Kyra has been chipping at the driveway. Hoping to clear it so she can ride her scooter around. We have the area right in front of the garage but the rest of it is still inches deep in ice. I admire her perseverance. I'll chop a few chops at the ice but I'm more of the... let it melt type of person; that and my arms tend to feel like they're being pulled out if I do too much. So I sit outside with her and chat. That's always nice too.

She tells me how warm it is, in her tank top, in the 44 degrees. She's working hard so she's warm. We talk about our spring fever, feeling the warm sun. ahhhhh...

Alec and Abbi have been playing more WoW again. Alec is now playing on a different realm with a different guild, as his guild broke up. He ended up taking a few months off thinking he was possibly done until the next expansion. He had applied to a new guild a couple of months ago but never heard anything. It was pretty frustrating for him. He sent e-mails and messages but nothing. He thought that maybe his age was a factor in not hearing anything back from them. Some guilds don't want to let in younger players, but he thought he had a chance since a former guildmate that is in the new guild said he'd put in a good word for him. This former guildmate/friend of his is in his mid 30's and is always telling Alec how mature he is and is so impressed with how well he plays the game. It's cool that Alec has different aged friends.

Anyway, a couple of months later, while we were in CA I got an e-mail and it said the former guildmate was trying to contact him and they wanted him in the guild (he tracked me from my myspace *g*). Alec is pretty psyched. Doing the end game raids is what he loves. Most of these raids are groups of 25 people and takes quite a bit of coordination, skill and communication between players.

Abbi is also playing WoW a bit again. She's raising a new character and it has different playability than her main character. She's been having a lot of fun playing the warrior/strong character. She also still does roleplaying here and there and writes everyday on different forums.

Another fun thing we've been doing is playing Crystal Chronicles. It's a multi-player game that you play with either a Gameboy SP or Gameboy Advance connected to the Gamecube. We've almost beaten the game now. 4 people can play together, but sometimes it's hard to coordinate everyone as one or another person will be doing something else. Alec is a champion at getting us all into the basement and coordinating our game play.

And speaking of that, he's waiting on me now... off to raise my magic skill so we can beat the boss!

Here's the opening scene... I LOVE the music :)


Ronnie said...

Ahhh, soaking up the "unschooler harmony" vibe coming off this lovely post. :-)

kelli said...

Well cool Ronnie. I'm glad I was able to convey that vibe through to you :)

There really is a wonderful feeling circulating through my being as we go through our days. It takes my breath away. I want to freeze time because I know they're growing older every day.

Laura said...

Hey Kelli -- I was just remarking that our backyard looks like a Disney movie -- tons of robins and squirrels and, while I can't see the skunk, I can smell that he's been around. Where is Bambi?

The "Crystal Chronicles" game looks fascinating. You make me want to go find a game to play with my boys. :)

kelli said...

hehe, Laura :)

Bambi's over here, with all the other deer..waiting for my tulips to come up so they can eat them!

mesmith said...

I read this and watched the video (cool tune) before heading out to work this morning. Made my day! Please have a post like this waiting for me every workday morn... thanks! Craig

Stephanie said...

I don't miss spring looking like that, oh it's above freezing :)

Will you miss it when you move? Winter is not my thing, and it's been pretty cold here in TN, we are having nice springlike weather now but it's late for sure.

My guys just started playing WoW a month ago and they love it.

Ren said...

Trevor and Jared's good friend lied about his age to get into the top guild on Rexxar (at the time) and played so well they never questioned him. Then he got Trevor into it (after a 30 day probation) without being the appropriate age. I don't know if they can check on that stuff, but apparently player skill kept them from figuring it out in the end.;)

I'm glad Alec got in, that probably feels so great. Jared is playing constantly right now because of his bestest friend in the whole world being gone so much. sigh....