Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Visitors, visitors and more visitors!

How wonderful it is to have people come and visit us! Man... love it :)

And now, yesterday I received a call from my friend Karen...her husband is going to need to work up here in Bemidji for 10 days or so!! DANG! hee hee I'll have to see another unschooling family.

In Amy's words "I'm so special!" ;)

And now for a word from the horoscope sponsor. Mine this morning.

Moments To Savor
Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You could be up for fun and games with your loved ones which could put you in a happy and sociable mood today. Being able to fully relish the wonder that comes from letting go of your concerns and take pleasure in the company of the people around you could make it easier for you to experience and be in the moment. Maybe at various times throughout the day you might take the time to take a few deep breaths, looking around you at the people in your life today. As you do this you can try to note the moment as it occurs – perhaps by imagining that you are taking a snapshot of it with a camera, allowing yourself to fully capture, be in, and appreciate the present.

The enjoyment of others’ company comes from our being able to totally experience the time we spend with them. When we are in the moment, it is easier for us to really let go of ourselves and let the part of our being that is good-natured and full of life blossom. While experiencing delight is often something that comes naturally and spontaneously, savoring it is another matter – we need to bring a deeper level of conscious awarenes
s into our interactions in order to do so, and welcoming joy into our lives will come effortlessly to us the more we decide to place ourselves in the moment. By letting yourself experience and enjoy your time with others today you will know what true bliss is.

Great words to remember when I tend to start worrying about food or schedules or other things. How lucky am I, to have these friends all coming here? :)

Oh, and if any of you are looking for more unschooling blog reading and haven't seen Crystal's blog.... Wow! I've really enjoyed reading hers. Her latest entry was beautiful, it's about her turning 39. She looks back on her life and reflects about her self now. I loved this and needed to hear and think on that this morning :)

"It is simple in hindsight... I am me. I am everything that I am supposed to be and I've been everything that I was supposed to be. I'm still going to be 'me' as I choose to experience this journey through many different eyes of mine. I'm whole, I'm complete, I'm myself. I'm the journey."

Thank you Crystal.


DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Your welcome my friend.

Snavleys said...

I'm getting really jealous of all the "unschooling get-togethers"!! No one comes here to see me, wah wah. Hmmmmmm, oh ya, 3000 miles is a bit of driving I suppose.