Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Could she look any happier?

You wouldn't think that just a few hours earlier a neighbor dad had her in tears. She went over to our neighbor's to invite his daughter and another neighbor to play. She knew they were over there. He says right to her, "oh, no, she can't play. She had a huge bunch of girls over last night for a sleep over".

ugh....wouldn't you be a little more sensitive to a little girl's feelings? Especially since his little girl gets calls from Kyra all the time to play?

We have our for sale sign in the garage. We pretty much just have to clean a bit and then we're out of here. Don't know where we're going...Tenn
essee, Oregon, Massechusettes? And Kyra hopes for Fargo/Moorhead again....

We might just pick up either a converted bus or camper and go on the road for a bit. Check out all the places for a few months and then decide. Alec has yet to be convinced on that one though. Although if we can stop somewhere with internet connection every so often he might even go along with this option.

I'll miss our backyard ..doesn't it look like a fairy's path back there? look past the downed tree

And this is the path to the tree house in the woods


Ren said...

Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee!!!
Not really...I want you guys to be happy wherever you are. But *I'll* be happier if you're all here.:)

Schuyler said...

Oh, I envy that so. It is awful, life here is alright, we seem to be making friends. But I want the freedom to up and move.

Yay for you though! Although I imagine it will be hard to leave your fairy path.

Deanne said...

Angelica would love to have Kyra come over and play anytime! :)

tribalmama said...

hmmm, where will they go?
can't wait! :)

Zenmomma said...

Corvallis, Corvallis, Corvallis!!! Not that I'm pushing or anything. *g*

Madeline said...

Oooo, you get to move wherever you want? How exciting!! On your list i would choose Mass. I love it so! But TN is closer to me : ), and a whole lot warmer. Western Mass. is so great - called "the happy valley".

kelli said...

***Oooo, you get to move wherever you want?***

hehe, we're just gonna move wherever we want :) Don't know what we're gonna do when we get there *g* but we're doing it anyway :D