Friday, July 27, 2007

Morning happenings

Our last caterpillar came out of its chrysalis this morning. We had 5 in all. It had a bit of a problem, falling to the bottom of the insect keeper. But it's now out on a cone flower plant airing its wings.

Here's the butterfly's view.

Kyra was very excited yesterday. We finally went out and got a sewing machine. I had one years ago but I was never very good with it so I sold it at a rummage sale! I had so much foresight didn't I? Not. That was before we were unschooling. I didn't even think about the fact that maybe my kids would like it.....doh.

I don't really have any material to sew with right now but she's been using old clothes of hers that she's outgrown. She's pretty resourceful!
Here she is this morning, working on embellishing and recreating a new shirt from an old one of mine.

And the end result. She even added buttons up the front.

Can you feel the...

Alec is also a happy camper. His friend Jakob from Minneapolis is here to visit for a few days. We've known Jakob since he was born. Tim has known Jakob's dad since they were both little tikes :)

I heard them late last night beating a game. They sounded pretty happy with themselves :) It is now 12:30 and they are still sleeping, I think they worked pretty hard ;)

Pretty cute, right on the floor. Even though there's a queen bed just a few yards away and another up in Alec's room.

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Tina H. said...

Carly sews pillows for the pets and friends. Nick has even sewed a pillow. I love to quilt when I get time. Sewing machines are always useful.