Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stepping in to the Box?

OK, so would something telling me to think outside the box mean for me to step back in to the box? *g*

My horoscope:

Unconventional Individuality
Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You might be entertaining ideas that go beyond conventional norms which may compel you to allow your view of the world to expand and evolve today. Seeing things in a different light may be a way for you to express your individuality – allowing yourself to say and think things that could even deviate from what others traditionally think. This yearning to break free from the ordinary can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to say what is truly on your mind. Should you, for example, find yourself thinking something that is out of the ordinary, you may want to release any misgivings you have and express what is truly in your heart and on your mind. Being able to think outside of the box could provide you with the perfect opportunity to view the world in a completely different way today.

Viewing life on our own terms often means going against prevailing ideas and instead embracing our own uniqueness. While it may be uncomfortable to speak our minds when we know that our thoughts might conflict with the more accepted notions of what is true, if we truly are able to welcome our innovative thoughts and ideas we are stepping onto a path of personal transformation, for evolution only really comes when we are able to delight in the joy that comes from being who we truly are. By letting yourself express your individuality though your progressive thoughts, you will infuse your life with innovative and exceptional ways of looking at things today.



Our life is soo out of the box that I can't imagine thinking further out?
Yet maybe the whole moving thing.

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diana-still-evolving said...

shhh... can you hear it? It's Corvallis calling: move here traaseths, move heeeeeere