Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hold on, Deathly Hallows is here

Yep, we got our book. (not the above one but I like the cover shot on this one) And CD, since it was $20 cheaper than we thought it would be. Since Tim drives so much, he'll now get to listen to it :)

We didn't stay up last night. Only Alec is on a night time schedule right now and he was busy so we waited til morning.

Abbi gets to read it first since she's heading out to French camp on Monday. Then I'm not sure who will read it. I suppose I will get to while Alec is asleep and then if he wants to read when he gets up, we'll pass it off.

I'm excited :) And I might go reread Half Blood Prince. I cruise through them so quickly that I often will miss details. Time to go savor the experience.

Good reading everyone~


Madeline said...

I'm totally stealing your image for my next post. I hope that's ok. I hadn't seen any cover yet as the book I got early has no cover (that's how we got it) but we did go to the late party at a cool bookstore, just couldn't deal with the long line to get our book at the end. Enjoy! It will take me 6 months to read it to them out loud so I won't know what happens for a while now.

kelli said...

That's cool :)

I like to read the Brit version too. Love seeing the differences.

We'll probably end up having both versions. When I went to Norway in 2000 I picked up Goblet of Fire when we stopped through Heathrow. So for that one I only have the UK version. Abbi wants me to get the American one of that one too. She was annoyed with the language differences. I wasn't observant enough to hardly notice *g* There's a blog post for me to write ;)

Snavleys said...

We went to the release last night, got home around 2:30 this morning. It was fun! I still have 5 and 6 to read, as I got a little tired of Harry Potter. I think I am one of the few people in the universe that got burned out on Harry Potter, lol.