Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh... to be as zen-like as my dog
I love being outside in the morning. Walking down my driveway to get the paper.
The snow is almost gone, just patches left. And I can see some green grass coming through. :)

We're leaving later today for our trip. First stopping in Tennessee to visit Ren, then on to the Lovejoy's in South Carolina with our Amy concert. We'll be meeting up with lots of other families/friends there that we usually only get to see once a year. This is a such treat to see lots of them twice this year! Some of them we haven't seen for a few years...sooo excited. :)

A few days after the concert we'll be heading up to the Hershey PA area with a few other families. Thank you Rowan for wanting to go there, we've never been and it got all of us going on this whole gettogether. :)


What else have we been doing?

Abbi has become interested in Dungeons and Dragons, so she's been reading like crazy, figuring things out. We went into town to look for some books on it and was happy to see some young people gathered at a new gaming type shop...playing DnD :D They were very friendly and invited us to join them on Sundays if we'd like. Of course she always has time for Saddi.

Alec got into the God of War games this last couple of weeks. They're pretty gory for me, yet still I can see why he likes it. So much story, lots of mythology,so much challenge and puzzle solving. He also found and beat a game we hadn't heard of before, called Shadow of the Colossus . Wow! What a beautiful game. Kind of sad, for me, but again, storyline galore and the adventure in the gameplay was amazing. He and Abbi had my mom and dad excited and really feeling the stress of a game. Very fun. Here's our warrior now

Kyra has been playing online with her friends and cousins. And also playing a lot outside with neighborhood friends. The snow thaws, the weather warms up and everyone reappears again. There are actually people out there in the frozen world. *g* Trampoline jumin, bike ridin, and hidin in the woods is pretty amazing after a long winter.

Tim is driving home from Minot ND today and then we'll be driving
who-knows-how-many hours. WE LOVE HIM!!! :DAnd, me, well I'm starting a new poncho, possibly for a singer that we're going to see *g* (if it turns out ok, this is a new pattern I've never tried, fingers crossed).

Do you know I love making ponchos? (of course you do) Oh and BIG news, *G*
I bleached the front of my hair, ok, big for me.
Here I am, yeah, need a hair cut, but that's me :)

Here's Kyra modeling the new poncho I just finished for her. I think she's learned her modeling techniques from Maddie and Quinn , you guys rock!

That's all for now, see y'all in about 2 weeks. (I'm already saying y'all ;)


Snavleys said...

Ohhhhhh, I'm so jealous on so many levels!!!! I mean snow almost gone, going to see my sis, getting to listen to Amy live, all those ponchos? And here I sit, way up here in COLD, frozen Alaska, 4000 miles away!!!! Spring hasn't even sprung yet!!! Only 25 degrees right now, supposed to get into the 40's by the weekend. It's crazy!! Usually we would be about 50 degrees and the snow would almost be gone!! I say bring global warming on!! :):) I still haven't decided on a poncho either but when I got back on to that site to decide it said the site no longer existed, maybe it was my service. I will try again today.

kelli said...

Awwww :(

I hope you get warmer weather and I will give lots of hugs to Ren and everyone from you!
Wish you were closer!

cris said...

nice poncho! GREAT model! and thanks for the promotion ;)

Samantha said...

Love the poncho!

Ren said...

I miss you guys already!! Bleu had such sweet things to say about you all....I think it's really great for him to meet other teen unschoolers and see how cool and different they are from the average teen.:)

I was wearing my poncho again last night...feeling so hugged in love and friendship.:) Bleu says it's my "silkie" (think Linus).