Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Music theory anyone?

Words that Alec was looking up last night.

-Overture -Intermezzo
-Crescendo -Rhapsody
-Presto -Intermezzo
-Finale -Sforzando

Why? You may ask.
Because they are finishing moves for a character in one of his games that he is playing right now.

The game is called Baten Kaitos and its actually one we've had for a couple of years now. He beat it when we first had it but wanted to play it again. Lately, he's been going through some old favorites of his and replaying them. Some that he played with cheats and now doing them without, others just because there's so much to them.

I remember when we got this one. I actually found out about it on Gamespot, I get their newsletters and they were reviewing it. The reviews raved about the artwork in the game and it had a type of play that was similar to card/dueling type of play. I thought I might even like to play it with him, seeing how beautiful the pictures were that I saw. Well, the game was way over my head, one of the most complex that I had ever seen, but I watched him play it. :)

One evening he even gave me this extensive explanation (with laser pen and big screen *g*) about what he was doing. It was amazing.

Oh.. and the music in it is really pretty too. Reminiscent of Phantom of the Opera with a lot of cool organ music. (we Looove Phantom!)

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Snavleys said...

We recently had an excellent article in our newspaper about the benefits of video games. It's amazing what they learn while they are having fun!! Tristan learned how to read through all his games.