Monday, March 19, 2007

Another gem

from Scott Noelle:

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Feeling Good vs. Being "Right" ::

Want to have a great day? Simply decide that
good is more important than being "right," and
that priority guide every thought, word, and deed
throughout the day.

When being "right" is your priority, you may
the shallow satisfaction of receiving approval,
but it
disconnects you from your Inner Guidance, which
revealed through your emotions.

When feeling good is your priority...

* You choose love, because loving always
feels good.

* You choose connection, because it feels
better than separation.

* You choose forgiveness, because resentment
feels yucky!

* You choose appreciation, because it makes
you feel rich!

* You choose responsibility (not to be
confused with blame), because it feels

See what happens when you take a day off from
being "right" or trying to be a "good" parent.
Let go
of all "shoulds" and let yourself be guided by
pleasure instead.

But don’t settle for the initial, fleeting
pleasure of
rebelling against the shoulds. Keep going... Hold
for the deeper pleasure of connecting with your
Authentic Self.

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