Thursday, March 01, 2007

More snow and other stuffs

Yep, we're getting more snow. I'm now asking... why did I want snow??? *g* Lot of work walking through a couple feet to dump out the guinea pig cage in the woods.. phew, I'm outta shape!

So we've been doing a lot of inside stuff.

Abbi's loving her ASL (American Sign Language)class that she's taking. Even went in by herself this week, its a community ed class and she's the youngest one there(by a long shot). I think the next one in age would probably be in her mid-20s. She said she had a little bit of stress, they broke up into small groups and of course people on either side of her went into groups and there she sat. (hate it when that happens!) But another group of 2 saw her and invited her to join them so she said it was pretty short lived. :)

Kyra's been having fun on the computer. Skyping with her friends and cousins all over. Playing clubpenguin now and continuing with World of Warcraft too. The other night she created a new outfit for one of her stuffed animals. I was lamenting about getting rid of a favorite pair of socks of mine (ones made by Jill :(, that I've worn so much they are now very holey) Kyra thought she would use them to made this outfit. She's so ingenious! :)
And cute! She loves doing and creating hair styles, this is one of her current favs.

Last night Abbi and Alec conquered Final Fantasy X. I guess the ending is pretty sad. Abbi didn't like it. Playing the game and watching the story progress can really get you into the storyline and involved with the characters. Its like a movie.

I've been doing some more crocheting. Attempted at making some socks since mine are wearing out. I don't know, I think I have to learn to knit. These are my 2 socks. *g*

And I finished another poncho. This one is going to a friend of mine who will remain nameless. Its a surprise. :DOh, and I just have to post this picture because I love it. My 2 first babies :) Alec is gonna be 14 next week! man.....*sigh*


Snavleys said...

Kelli, that poncho is GORGEOUS!! I'm going to find you a pattern for a more shawl-like poncho so you can make me another one, since I like the first one you made me so much !! :) One that is more for looks than warmth. You are so talented!!

Ren said...

I am SO totally honored to have been the chosen one for that beyooootiful work of art. You made my whole year woman! I was almost in tears the day I opened the box.:)

Thank you again. You are the bestest!