Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie watching Oscar time

Abbi and I had a great day yesterday, we attended this with Madeline.

We're all big time movie lovers so to be able to watch these great movies in one day was a dream. Sometimes it was an intense dream, but we still had a great time. We didn't stay for the last one Frost/Nixon so we'll maybe get that later on DVD.

My favorite was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a bit Forrest Gumpish, so I don't think it'll win Best Picture, but I think with it's visuals it may win something there. Milk was superb as was Slum Dog Millionaire. Slum Dog was really intense for me, almost painfully so. The Reader was interesting, really got you thinking about the grey of good and evil.

Tim, Alec and Kyra weren't interested at all in the movie extravaganza so they had a blast together playing different games and going out for dinner. It was a great Saturday for all.

Now we're all ready for tonight's Oscar show and Abbi and I are totally ok with watching Hugh Jackman for a couple of hours ;)


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