Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just to wig out my girls, (cuz they'll so like this)

To Abbi and Kyra:

"Your Other Mother"

The site is really fun, thanks Deanne! Of course the buttons I chose were designed by the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The girls and I went to Coraline this week and really liked it. The one we went to was the regular one, not 3-D, but still good. The animation in it is amazing, stop-motion if you're wondering. Just makes me want to run out and create! Of course there are swirls all over in the movie. There were some creepy parts, but not too much for us girls. Alec didn't go, we/he knew it wouldn't be one for him, he hates The Nightmare Before Christmas and it had that kind of feel to it. Abbi has read the book and said the book is much scarier. I'm glad it wasn't too bad (scary wise), for my sake! ;)

I have one happy exploring song going on my playlist from the movie but below is a creepier sounding sound. I really liked the music from it, I love soundtracks.

Oh! And Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Do you know the history behind Valentines Day? I didn't, until Abbi was wondering about it the other day. Here ya go!

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Deanne said...

I almost picked those buttons too. ;) The site is so much fun to explore, isn't it?