Tuesday, February 03, 2009

American Pie

With Ronnie reminding me.

50 years, wow, the day the music died. I wasn't around, but it always held even more sadness for those of us who lived where they were heading.

Damn winter.


Madeline said...

sigh. I love that song. I used it in an acting exercise in NY when I was 21 and it was the exercise that finally got me to let go and be vulnerable. The man who was like my father growing up had died that Feb. in a snow storm. Thanks for the reminder of the other side of snow.

kelli said...

Thanks Madeline, I woke up this morning thinking about this post thinking I was really negative... but, doh. It was a bad/sad thing. I guess I needed to vent about it a bit. And so much for our snow down here! It got cold but clear!