Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing is good

I missed my girls the last month with them both off on adventures. First Abbi for 2 weeks in Maryland and then Kyra for a week in Tennesse. Now they're both home and we have a friend staying with us. So the fun continues :)

Kimi is here playing

And we're expecting Christine and Shawn to arrive tonight.

Ren shared about Kyra's stay but I just can't help but put these pics up.

The joy in these faces.

I just love it!

And the fact that she got to enjoy the snow... well, what a treat for us Northerners :)

A couple of reasons why she had a great time.

Imagine that.. even the parents have fun!

Thank you sweet friends!


gail said...

Great pictures! We missed Abbi this weekend. Glad she's feeling better.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

It's so sweet that they go have an adventure and then return home and are are enfolded into the family again. And their family spreads and grows. :)

Ren said...

It was great having her....though I felt like I didn't see her that much with all the nomadic wandering from house to house.:)

Such a great community we've gathered....