Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's winter? and blog talk radio

More weather talk from me... (sorry) It's cool here this morning, 31 I think. I put Bemidji in my yahoo weather search just to see what the temp was there... -32.


and on an unschooling note~ Ren and Laura were guests on a blog talk radio show yesterday. If you'd like to listen to it you can right here and also at Ren's blog.

Great show you guys, it was amazing the range of topics that were covered!


Ren said...

Yeah, some topics I've never had come up in ANY unschooling discussion. :)
It was fun though!

laura said...

we did have a lot of fun...trying not to laugh too much was probably the best part!! did anyone hear us snickering?? LOL!!

is the world ready for unschooling??? we may never know, we are too busy being silly!!!