Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goings on around home

I have perennials greening up! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. I was out looking around the yard and my mums have new growth at the bottom. Crazy.. but cool. I've been told that I'll get 2 blooming times with a lot of my perennials. Wow! Nothing like flowers growing in January!

Tim's been busy. Besides going back to work after a nice long vacation in December he decided to kick it into gear in regard to our basement.

I have a handy husband. He decided to do all of this himself. This is his first time dry walling and all that. It looks pretty darn good and will only get better.

He's really excited to dry wall the extra bedroom that we're going to finish because he found new tools that really make fillin' in those gaps between the dry wall a piece of cake. And they were on clearance! (and if you know Tim you know how excited he was about that ;)

If you look past the Foosball table you can see the bedroom that's next to be finished.

I helped some, picking out paint and painting.

Here's the room in progress. Can you guess what it's going to be? Do you see the platform he built? Clue: there aren't any windows so it'll be perfect for ......

We can't wait!

Alec and Kyra have been keeping busy and enjoying some time home. Kyra is done with her art class and was very excited to get all her art supplies home.

She promptly drew this elf riding a dragon fly yesterday. She really likes pastels. I love how she blended the colors and I love the water behind the elf.

Alec has been playing some new games that he got over the holidays and what's really cool is that some are for x-box live and they're cooperative. So not only can he enjoy a new game but he can play with his cousin back in Minnesota and with Abbi and Nic up in Maryland. All four of them were playing the other evening and having a blast. Alec's also still playing drums with Rock Band, he reconfigured the set and working on getting the brain working. It's a little complicated because how you have the cymbals and drums tilted affects the sound. The brain I'm talking about is an electrical unit that makes his drum set that he got to play Rock Band sound like a real drum set. So you can play it without the game also.

And, of course we're all missing Abbi. She had a first last week, she learned to snowboard! She enjoyed it but said she was bruised a lot. She sent us a picture of her knees over AIM and we all collectively said ..... "OW!"


laura said...

LOOOOOVE that beautiful color on the walls!!!

what sort of art class did kyra take?? great pastel drawing!!

Madeline said...

I love the pastel drawing. And I have been thinking about repainting our hallway (when my toe's healed) an orange. It looks so warm.

gail said...

Broc says...'Tim...I think you found your next profession..Your work from 365 miles away is flawless. Save something for me" :-)