Monday, January 19, 2009

Last week

What we've been up to:

We went to the Atlanta History Center. There was an awesome Jim Hensen exhibit there, love Jim Hensen :) There were lots of other things there too but the muppet king was our main point of interest this time... oh, and Madeline and her boys. And I met another unschooling mama that I've been wanting to meet! Kimba, from Atlanta, she has beautiful pink hair!

Madeline, Gillen and Jesse met us at the Mall of Georgia where Kyra always has to ride the merry-go-round, Yay! and we went to the movie Tales of Despereaux. We really enjoyed it, just beautiful animation. Afterward, they came home with us and stayed the night.

Here are the boys watching Alec while he's raiding.

Alec was so cute. (he'll love me saying that ;) He got both boys all set up with laptops right in his room so they could all play. I've loved watching Alec with the younger kids, he was talking with me about how excited Jesse was about WoW. How he'd go on and on about it, (kind of like someone else we know ;). Madeline and I saw how patient Alec was with Jesse while we were at the museum earlier that week too. It was very cool.

After Madline and the boys left, Alec, Kyra and I then headed up to the Chatanooga area to see another family. Yep, we then visited with Mindy and family. We love visiting them up on their mountain :) They're set back in the woods which makes me feel like I'm right at home. Mindy brought me in to Chattanooga and showed me around. I had never been in to the heart of the city before. It was very cool. She was very excited to share the coffee roasters right there and we had fun checking out the fair trade store! It's a funky downtown and I like it a lot! Later we played games and talked WoW and just enjoyed hanging out with our friends.

Friday afternoon we returned from Chattanooga, did a few things around the house and then early Saturday morning Tim, Kyra and I headed up to the Johnson City area. It turns out that Steph, Nic's mom was making a trip down to Bristol, VA with a friend; so we were able to meet her and get Abbi! yay! We missed her so!

She had a wonderful time up in Maryland. She snowboarded, visited the new Newseum in Washington DC, played games, met new friends and showed us all how wonderfully independent she is. I'm learning how to handle kids being gone, do I call? do I not call? Am I worrying too much?

Oh, and now Kyra is away. She's staying with Ren's family and gets to see Laura's too. Several other families live up in that area and they've been wonderful in sharing their lives with us.

Life is good.


gail said...

Wow!! You've been busy. It all sounds fun. Makes me want to get out and do something today. When will we see you all again? Are you going to Cam's birthday celebration?

kelli said...

Yep, we'll be there! See you then!

mindy said...

I'm glad Abbi's back, safe and sound :) I am so happy you guys are getting to see all these fabulous unschoolers who love you, us included!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I want to see her pink hair! Sounds like a grand time!! :)

Madeline said...

I love the relationship (and similarities) that Alec and Jesse share and that he can share his passion for the Warriors books with Abbi. No age prejudice in these kids! Alec was so generous in the enthusiastic way he shared all of that serious raiding time with them. They both were glowing with joy.

laura said...

i have always loved watching my boys and their interractions with younger kids. especially babies, they just fawn all over them. they say they can't wait to be dads!! i love that all these kids in our lives are of such diverse ages, and that they all hang out together so reminds me of what they would be missing if they were in school spending all day every day with kids of one age only. and i won't even go into how impressed i am with how they interract with adults. i still don't do that so well. =)

we had so much fun seeing you guys!! can't wait for this coming weekend!!

Ren said...

I haven't even seen Kyra since last night!:) They were getting ready to put on a movie when I got to Austin's to pick Jared up.

They had such fun in the snow. Kyra kept saying how at-home she felt between Austin's dogs and the snow. Maybe they'll rotate to La's house tonight??:) One big happy unschooling tribe...yep, yep.