Monday, December 15, 2008

Paahk yah cah in Hahvahd yahd?

We're in Boston right now visiting with friends. We've been having a great time and will be returning home on Wednesday.

We thought we might see some snow while up north but that hasn't happened, just rain. And today we're supposed to have really warm temperatures. So that will be nice for site seeing in Boston. We're planning on visiting with Tim's niece and nephew today who are both going to school here.

I love the ocean so we had to go to the beach, and it was C O L D! Rue also loves the ocean so she brought us to the beach that she went to when she was a kid, and still visits. I just love the water. I remember sitting on my parents dock at the lake when I was a child, it was wonderful. I often would listen to the loons. There weren't any loons here but there were plenty of ocean sounds to make me happy.

I didn't take many pictures, (we were freezing!) but this is one of Alec and Tim walking out near the beach. We were glad we brought out Minnesota winter coats :)

Yesterday we made the trek into Boston for these specials guys.

We loved them. Great comedy, music and interpretive art. Right up our alley.

The theater looked like this for part of the show, it was awesome. The colors were just amazing, neon glowing colorful light.

These pictures are off of google since they ask that you refrain from taking photos while in the theater.

Hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for the holidays and doing what most warms your heart at this time of year.


Wendy said...

Holy crap! We didn't even know you guys were going up there!!! I hope you have/had an awesome time!

gail said...

I love Blue Man Group! Say hello to the Kream family for us and we'll see you this weekend! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone (and Danny of course)

Sandy Feet said...

You are not only in my neck of the woods, you visited the beach where I grew up! I am north of Boston now, but still walk that beach whenever I visit my parents. So cool to see your picture of it.

It was so WARM today!! Hope you got in some good sightseeing and visiting. You guys really do get around!

My son goes to some homeschool classes at MIT from time to time. It is very hahd to pahk anywayah neah Hahvid.

Alex Polikowsky said...

Love those guys too! I took Naruto to see them last winter( or was it Spring?) and we had so much fun!
I think the name of the show was:
How to be a superstar" Very cool.