Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let the holidays begin

Inspired by Laura's wonderful writing, I will quiet my self enough to also contribute to the blogosphere this morning ;)

I've had some writer's block going on, don't know why... it's just there.

Although my blog has been quite slow and uneventful, life has not been. I know you're relieved aren't you ? hehe..

We seem to have some wildy busy crazy days and then the calm rushes over us like a comfortable blankie. You know what I mean right? Didn't we all have or still have a blankie? (baby blanket if I'm confounding everyone)
OK, so I'm an introvert :)

Right now we have Tim's parents visiting. They are out on an adventure right now. They traveled over to Alabama for an overnight and will be back here this afternoon and returning to MN tomorrow. We'll miss them.

While they were here they had the pleasure of meeting some of our closest friends. A bunch of us gathered together in Atlanta and got our holiday
spirit going with a Mannheim Steamroller concert. We had a wonderful night. Enjoyed Italian food first at Baraonda and then sat in inspiration after. Not only inspired by great holiday music but the fabulous Fox theater is just a dream to be in. Especially the balcony... oh my! The ceiling is done so it looks like you are sitting outside on a starry night... just magical.

Here are some pics from the evening.

Delish Desserts

Fantabulous Friends

Wonderful conversings

Lots of happiness

I think she's happy...

And now the show

More happiness

and sweetness

or Love and Joy?

And the fabulous Fox Theater

These are shots looking up. The blue looked just like the night sky. Just amazing. More amazing than my pictures can convey.

As you can see the architecture and lighting in the theater is just beautiful. I loved these hanging lights. This picture is quite dark but I had to include it anyway.

We had a wonderful night and then enjoyed each other's company for a couple more days. The Lovejoys and Higgins bunch stayed the weekend. We played, talked, laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

Life IS truly Good


laura said...

YES!! life IS good!!

you had quite an awesome group together for this...i'll bet the laughs and love and conversation were amazing!!!

and i love the nite sky pix...it really does look like you're outside!! so cool!

Frank said...

Looks like fun! Glad y'all had such a great time. We had the Golds over for the weekend and spent a pleasant time with them.

Zenmomma said...

What a wonderful gathering!

mindy said...

Oooh! So sorry we missed such a fun gathering of folks. I also love the Fox Theatre...quite a gem!

Sandra Dodd said...

I put a Mannheim Steamroller bit on my new phone. (Music box Christmas thing.)

Karen said...

Fun, fun! Enjoy the goodness, my friend! :)

piscesgrrl said...

Now wait a minute - I might be writing again, but I didn't have a gaggle of unschoolers to brag about! You lucky dogs.

I just saw you have a Glen Hansard song in your sidebar - I LOVE THAT SONG. We just watched Once the other night and we are captivated.