Monday, June 30, 2008


our house sold today!

Just as we're packing it up.. the boxes, that is, we get a call.

It's the same people who wanted it back in January, but I guess they finally felt the pressure.

I'm glad they're getting it. They love it and they really want to live in our neighborhood.

Our Bemidji chapter is coming to a close. I can't believe it.

We begin our drive down south in 3 days. First stopping in Minneapolis/St. Paul to say good bye to my bro and sis. Then on to celebrate the 4th in St. Louis. Maybe we'll watch fireworks over the arch... or maybe we'll watch them on TV.. heh.. we'll see how we're all feeling.

After that, we overnight in Nashville and then Chattanooga, yes, we'll be visiting one of our favorite belly dancing goddesses, Mindy! :)

Let the adventure begin~


Sandra Dodd said...

I'm glad Holly and I got to visit you in Bemidji so I have a vision of your house and yard and the grocery store and all.

Maybe we'll get to visit your new home someday.

I hope your journey south is fun and the fireworks are memorable!

ladybug-zen said...

have a wonderful journey to your new home. it just sounds so exciting. so much fun new stuff is coming your way.

dharmamama said...

Wow! So exciting. I can't believe you're moving to Georgia in *July*. lol Quite a switch. Best of luck with everything!

Frank said...

Have a swell trip! Enjoy being part of the New South.

gail said...

Hooray!!! Hooray!! Hope your travels closer to us are full of many adventurous moments. Safe journey and we'll see you soon.

Stephanie said...

I hope your travels are safe!

You realize you will drive right by me on I40.

I am like 15 miles from Nashville.

Deanne said...

Wow is right! What perfect timing for your house to sell. I hope you all have a safe and fun journey. :D

Snavleys said...

Safe travels my dear! Is this going to include a visit to my sis? You've seen her more than me in the last two years:)

kelli said...

Yep Heidi, we'll see her as soon as we can :)

Christy said...

Congratulations! We are waiting for our house to sell so we can move to GA too. Where in GA did you move? We will be near Athens if our house ever sells.

kelli said...

Hi Christy, we're in the Gainesville/Cumming area. Kind-of in between those 2 towns, right in the middle of the Lake Lanier area. :) I can't wait to get over to the Athens area though and visit. I think I'd like it.