Friday, June 06, 2008

House Hunting Quotes

Some thoughts and voices from the last week...

"Wow, there are a lot of houses for sale."

"Man, I wish there were some different houses for sale."

"Yeah, I like that house." "It has an awesome backyard!"

"There isn't a closet?" "Where are the computers gonna go?"

"Do you really need an office?" "What about the piano?" "There's no room for Kyra's drums." "We need another bedroom."

"ugh, I really don't like that house."

"Oh my gosh, yes, let's make an offer." "Wait.. termites?" "ahhh, alright."

"what? They want that much money???" "We don't have to take that one, do we?"

"That house?" "No...." "There aren't enough trees." "Wait, we love it!" "Yes!" "Are we sure?"

"I think we're crazy.."

"I love the lake!" "I can grow fruit trees or a pecan tree!!"

"I love you."

I think we're narrowing it down. But who knows, it may change in the next minute.

And... "It's hot outside."

Said with some happiness, some tiredness and some craziness.


Tina H. said...


I was so busy with past company in recent weeks.

Congratulations on the job offer and the move. Sorry it wasn't to the rest of the gang in Oregon. But Georgia is cool. Hot though.

Excited for you as this all plays out.

Good Luck

Madeline said...

Kelli, it's bad isn't it. This humid heat is horrifically bad. I so agree. But then, in Fall, Winter and Spring, it's good, so very, very good. Summer evenings and mornings are wonderful. You just live in water or a/c the middle of the day. And you are north of us, so it will be cooler.

Can't wait to see you HERE! Good luck with the big decisions.

Ronnie said...


Frank said...

"It's hot!" Sorry, but snicker! Wait til August, honey!

And I hope you enjoyed your first shrimp poboy! Mmmmm, I'm jealous.

Ren said...

So has anyone planned a non-con celebration yet?? You're probably too tired to even think about one right now. This all happened so dang FAST!! We're really excited..still.:)