Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saying Goodbye to northern MN

My view this morning

I'm having a hard time with the thought of leaving my tree filled green northern MN. Yes, I know I'm crazy back and forth when it comes to my home state, but the woods right now are heavenly.

The trees, the green, the sounds. The cool air as I step out into my porch, yeah it's 50 right now. I love Minnesota in the summer. (well, except when it's 90-100 ;) Like I said, I'm crazy.

Each morning when I'm out I hear the loons calling. I'll miss the loons. A lot of mornings water will be dripping off the roof as I sit there, I hope GA gets more rain. The crows are cawing and the blue jays are squawking, some other bird is chirping good morning. There are lots of birds in GA too. :)

A new chapter is about to begin in our lives and it is hard to say good bye. But there will be new greenness and new happiness too.

Here's to you Minnesota, good bye for now.


Madeline said...

That is truly so beautiful. And Loons? sigh. Yes, there are great birds here and Gillen can tell you alllll about them - until you tell him to please stop. But I can see how hard this is, this time of year especially. Too bad you aren't moving in winter.

Ahna said...

You're making me want to cry! I love this time of the year in Minnesota and I remember the homesick feelings that I used to get when I lived in Spain. I hope you can find new and different things to love about Georgia. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

gail said...

I don't have words of wisdom to help you say goodbye but I do understand about it being hard. I'm the worst about moving, I love all my old houses and states and last time just moved right back. However, I don't recommend that!
We do have a tire swing in our back yard here though and you're welcome to come swing on it!

Tina H. said...

We moved here to IN from MD ten years ago this year. Seems like yesterday and yet a life time. There is always something special about different areas. Hope you find that specialness in GA. At least you'll find heat!!!

MN looks beautiful from your descriptions. I'm glad you had a lovely home there.

Ren said...

Moving is always so hard. I cry when I say goodbye to our houses...the last one my sweet Jalen was born in. Talk about difficult.

But I'm so happy right where we are now. I'm exactly where I need to be.:) You are too.

Hugs for moving day ((((((((Kelli)))))))))

Alex Polikowsky said...

Ah Kelli I am going to miss you and your beautiful family being here in MN even thou you are so far away I never met you here. You can always come back and visit us anytime.
Georgia too can be beautiful.

Pam Genant said...

We passed through Minnesota on our way to Canada in June. Your description and pics remind me of Maine, my original home. With the loons and lady slippers, ahhh. But it is always there in my memory to lean on when I need it. And you are moving to Georgia. All the closer to us, in NC.