Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree time

We decorated our tree yesterday. Not quite the tree that we had last year. But still a nice one.

Abbi and Kyra have always loved the honors of tree decorating.

The smell from the tree is wonderful. Sweet pine scent. mmmmmmmm

C'est fini!


piscesgrrl said...

Oooh, it's really pretty! Ours isn't up yet, but soon. I think the ritual of seeking the best tree to bring home is my favorite part. That, and playing carols for the first time, & heating cocoa on the stove while the boys decorate. We have our first snow, too!

Schuyler said...

What a beautiful tree! I love watching Kyra and Abbi together, even if it is only in photos. They seem to enjoy each other so much.

Zenmomma said...

I love all the twinkling lights. We don't have ours up yet. Maybe soon.

Stace said...

What a gorgeous tree....would your girls just pop over to New Zealand and do mine?! he he he

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diana(hahamommy) said...

Our first ornament went on today, it's officially time to hang the rest! Yay!! So pretty! Send me some of the smell, 'k? ♥

Aimee said...

It looks soooo pretty...we have a fake this year, and it is yet to be decorated properly. We have a few decorations we've bought this year, but noone feels like going to the garage to get the box of them ;0) Plus, with a toddler in the house, they all come off every day anyway- and it seems easier to leave looks really sad though :0(