Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rockin' and Buildin'

So, yeah, we've been playing Rock Band. In fact, I actually completed 2 songs on 'hard' today! Yay! Fun songs, Wanted: Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi and Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.

Also happening in the basement.. Lego building.

Kyra got a few sets of one of her favorite guys:

And Alec got his dream, The Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon so we're going to share the progression of this amazing building extravaganza!

Excited Alec!

The manual-- or huge book..

Spreading it all out

These guys are patiently awaiting their ship

About 12 hours into it...

More to come later


Mrs. G. said...

Our lives are eerily similar. My son is currently at the dining room table putting together a 900 piece Tie Fighter. Legos rule!

Deanne said...

Oh, I forgot all about Joseph's request for the Spongebob Lego sets! Thanks for reminding me. ;) Now I can suggest it when we go shopping with the gift card and money he received from relatives.

We're also having much fun with Rock Band. I haven't tried anything but singing, yet!

mindy said...

We're unworthy!!! Alex is amazed and a little jealous of that magnificent ship. Your Christmas looked fabulous and full of love and fun.

Laura said...

Jesse and Owen pooled Christmas money and Gamestop gift cards and got Rockband the day after Christmas. I was singing -- well, doing vocals -- when my daughter called and I had to leave. The next day, when she asked Owen how we had done as a band, he said, "I don't know. Mom had to quit,YOKO!"

Last night, she was home and the three of them played for hours, with my husband watching and me curled up in a corner of the couch with a glass of champagne. :)It was my birthday, and such a great evening.

Madeline said...

oooo, those look like days of excitement. We discovered "singstar" at my brother's friends' home yesterday - a playstaion karaoke type game. This rock band one looks even more fun.

Tina H. said...


That reminds me of Nick. Years ago. Nostalgia, ahhhh!.

Jessica said...

How fun!!

Our cable company (comcast) has a whole on demand channel right now for LEGO stuff. You might love it. There is a part where a group of guys (sorry ladies, but they are all guys) try to build a huge piece (I think it may be the MFalcon) in World Record Time.

We call my bucket of bolts mini van the Millenium Falcon. :)

Snavleys said...

You are doing WAY better than me at the rock band thingy! I'm still on easy but I think I'm about ready to graduate to medium on a few songs, lol. It's so much fun though isn't it? Kudos to Alex for the building of the ship! What a project!!