Sunday, November 11, 2007

yes, more gushing of unschooled kids

Did you know that Qacei takes amazing photos? What an eye. And we got to hang out with this sweet young woman last week.

Check these out

And just when you're thinking, "she takes really nice portraits"

She goes and takes these

The last one is called "Everything's Connected" how true, how true :)

Oh.. and she makes these too!

Kyra had to have a couple pairs. Some soda tabs and these :)

You ROCK Qacei!

love you!


Madeline said...

wow. Really, really talented.

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

I've enjoyed your insightful blog. THANK YOU. By the way, I am new to blog world and this meme thing...but you've been tagged.