Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Yeah it is....

-8 this morning. Some people call Bemidji-- Brrrrrmidji, and I guess for good reason ;)

I write this as I wait for our water to heat up for our oatmeal. Nothing like hot oatmeal with raisins on a cold morning.

I'm torn. We're all torn. Torn on where to live.

We hate the cold. We love the snow. We hate the isolation. We love the quietness.

Can you tell that I've been rather pensive lately? Not a whole lot of blogging, but a whole lot of thinking going on.

It's a good day to sit all curled up and ponder.

The photo above is taken from my front door last night, it is beautiful out there as the snow drifts down.


Tina H. said...

Living in northern IN, as we Hatfields do, I can relate. It is so lovely watching the snow drift down, blanketing the trees and plants. And so damn cold, when you have to leave the warmth to run errands. Grass is always greener.

Zenmomma said...

Moving is tough. Deciding is hard. I wish you peace in your journey. We love you and will visit wherever you are. <3

tribalmama said...

Not that I'm trying to influence you, but living in the Banana Belt, that runs through Colorado/Rapid City might be an option. Seems the Ft. Collins area has a good bunch of unschoolers. We love it here, even though we do things are way whacked by most people's standards. Y'know, the boys and I *live* here, and John is all over the place, stopping in for an occasional visit. Works for now.

Deanne said...

Brrrr! It cooled off a little here today too. It's 75 degrees now. :P
We could use a few more unschoolers down here to help us stay warm.

All kidding aside, I too wish you peace in deciding where to go. :)

piscesgrrl said...

"We hate the cold. We love the snow. We hate the isolation. We love the quietness."

I could've written that myself!

Will be so interesting to hear where you decide to go!