Wednesday, November 28, 2007

'Cuz this is fun

I don't like answering questionnaires. I don't know why. But this one looked fun so I'm on it. You google the answers to the following questions. Google images, that is.

1. My age next year: 41

Hehe, how'd they know what I look like???

Or did they?

2. Place I'd like to travel: France

And this place is for rent! There ya go *g*

3. Favorite place: near water

4. Favorite Object(s): Books

yes, glorious books

5. Favorite food: coffee

yeah, I know, it's not a food.. but in my world, it's all I need. Alec and I agree, if we could take a pill and skip the food all together, we'd do it.

Oh, and isn't she beautiful?

6. Favorite Animal: Horses

I just love them

7. Favorite Color: Green and Purple

And another reason to love C A N A D A :) this was taken in Manitoba

8. My nickname: Kel?

OK, this was a hard one.. I got a lot of pictures of guns. And I don't want to put a picture up of that. So here's another one I got. This is Kel Mansdottir, she's 1/2 human and 1/2 fairy. You can read more about her here:

9. Town I was born in: Moorhead MN

Hee hee... so not Moorhead, but I had to put it up! And "The Battle of Moorhead", no less

OK, do I have to put up a real one? Nah. I don't wanna. *g*

10. Bad habit I have: don't sleep enough

it might have something to do with my favorite food?
But, if I had this location to sleep I might sleep better ;)


*~kyra~* said...

Ohhhhh I'm doing mine right now!!

rowan said...

ohh, i love horses!!!

kelli, there are horses across the street,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MOVE HERE.

Zenmomma said...

Maybe we'd all sleep better if we had a bedroom on the beach like that!

Deanne said...

Hey we share the same favorite colors, and we have lots of your favorite thing - water! - here in FL. There are also quite a few horses too. Hmmmm, I think that means you belong here! LOL

Ren said...

I played!

piscesgrrl said...

I think I might even play this one. I usually mean to do memes, but don't get around to them. But this one looks like fun!