Thursday, October 25, 2007

We're getting ready to be gone for a while. This weekend we'll all be in the Minneapolis area as my dad is having back surgery. Then Monday the 29th the girls and I are heading out to Oregon. Alec is going to stay back and keep Tim company.

Corvallis is our destination.
I'm sure it'll be an amazing non-con, dianapalooza, birthday celebrating, Amy groovin' time.

Oh yeah... and it's my 40th birthday on Sunday :)



diana-still-evolving said...

:::Happy Dance::: The Birthday Party shall commence immediately ♥
We get a new bed = more sleeping space for my friends!! I am SO blessed!

piscesgrrl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope you have a wonderful trip - and how could you not? I'm excited FOR you!

Oh, and the music playing on your blog now is just lovely. I have to keep your blog open for background ambiance!

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday Kelli!! What a wonderful place to spend it. Enjoy. I love that picture so much.

Sandra Dodd said...

Happy Birthday!!

Ren said...

Happy Birthday! Ciara is disappointed because she made a little something for you and didn't get it in the mail yet. She remembers everything. I need to hire her as my personal assistant!

Hope your day was as awesome as you!

mesmith said...

see you at the beach!

Snavleys said...

Happy, happy birthday Kelli!! Have a grand time in Corvallis! Tell the Gold's hello from me and have a coffee for me too!