Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Abbi is playing more piano. We had printed out some sheet music from Final Fantasy X, titled, To Zanarkand. It's quite beautiful. Here's the song, thought I'd share a version with a concert orchestra playing it:

So first she plays "Mad World", now "To Zanarkand". At first I was thinking.. she should really go through those beginner books and learn to read the music better. But why? Why not help her do what she wants to do. She is learning note reading while she's learning music she really likes. Isn't that cool?

Now more cool stuff. She also likes ragtime music so I've found Joplin stuff to play for her and I have a simple version of Entertainer that she's learned some of.. and I've always wanted to play Maple Leaf Rag but I've never had the music. So last night I decide to look for it online. I find it at a free site and print it out. I'm going to learn it. She loves listening to it.

After printing out the music I decide to go through my e-mails, besides receiving Daily OM messages I also receive Daily OM music. Guess what yesterday's was called? Piano Starts Here: Art Tatum

I've never heard of Art Tatum so we listen to the sampling. Here he's an amazing jazz/ragtime pianist. Very cool.

Here's a clip of him playing. He's mostly blind, from birth.

I had never heard of him before... took piano lessons for 10 years. But didn't have a computer at my disposal or YouTube. What a resource!


diana-still-evolving said...

the first year I played in my jr. high's orchestra, the director's goal was for everyone to play *music* ~ we played by any means necessary (made up notations on our sheet music, etc). She gave me the gift of violin MUSIC and I'm forever grateful. I lasted 3 weeks with my 2nd director who insisted everyone play *notes* ~ he gave us violin DRUDGERY and it's probably time I've forgiven him ;)
Abbi's all about the MUSIC :D What an amazing gift, to you both!! ♥

Linda said...

I'm a piano player too and I absolutely agree -- the best way to learn is to play what you feel called to play! I'll offer up to that the point need not even be to be *learning* something -- it's really about enjoying oneself in the moment. Learning just happens to happen along the way! :)

p.s. I'll be at the non-con too!